We are starting a movement to change the voting system in Massachusetts to a vote by mail system.

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Of registered voters in Massachusetts, 40% did not vote in the 2018 elections. We need to remove the barriers to voting. We need a new voting system that does not have its roots in exclusion and voter disenfranchisement. With your help, we can create a system that is inclusive for all.

We want to put a question on the 2020 ballot that will change the voting system to a system of vote by mail. To put this question on the ballot, we need you and your signature of support. 

We need your help to achieve this. Sign up to become a signatory in our signature drive or to volunteer in one of our many positions. We need you to bring this change. 

In the past, Massachusetts has been a leader of the nation, bravely enacting change where necessary to guarantee rights for our citizens. With your help, we can again lead the country and begin a modern movement of voter empowerment. Without making our system work for all, we are failing our democracy and our neighbors. Sign up to help here.

What will the proposed question include and how will our suggested voting system enable 100% voter participation in Mass? 

  • The new voting system will be a vote at home mail-in ballot system
  • Every citizen will receive a prepaid mail-in ballot before the election
  • They can fill it out at their discretion and mail it back to their local voting center
  • Citizens who would rather deliver their ballot in person may drop off their filled-out ballot at a registered vote collection center or secure drop box
  • Individuals receive a ballot from their district's voting commission if they do not have a permanent address 


To create this necessary change we NEED you. Help Massachusetts become a leader in voter empowerment and democracy. To get this question on the 2020 ballot, our first task is to collect signatures from across Massachusetts. We are building a grassroots network to accomplish this. Join our team as a regional director or volunteer to help with this process. You can sign up here, or can visit our volunteer tab to find out more about different positions as we build our network. 

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    Contact 100% Mass with any questions you may have about our movement. We will be in touch as soon as possible and appreciate your involvement.

    —The 100% Mass Team