How Will We Put This On The Ballot?

Our campaign is dedicated to putting a ballot question on the 2020 ballot that will ask Massachusetts voters to change our voting system to one of vote by mail. How does the ballot process work?

Wednesday, August 5th: We first need to submit an initiative petition with the Massachusetts Attorney General, Maura Healey, by the first Wednesday in August. Attorney General Healy then "determines if the petition meets the state’s constitutional requirements and can be certified," and notifies us of the decision in September. This decision will not come as a surprise, as before submitting the petition we will have worked to make sure it meets all constitutional requirements and, further, the Attorney General allows us to submit legal memoranda showing that the petition meets these requirements. 

Wednesday, November 20th: Once the measure is approved, we must collect 80,239 signatures and file these by November 20th.

Wednesday, May 6th: Once these signatures are verified, the measure will be sent to the Legislature in January 2020, where they then have the opportunity to put it into law before May 6th. 

Wednesday, June 17th: If they do not vote to put this into law by the first Wednesday in May, we must gather another 13,374 signatures and file them by June 17th. 

After completing this, the measure will but put on the ballot for the 2020 elections. 

While we have a long way to go, 100% Mass is fully committed to this campaign, and we are 100% confident that we will be successful together. Massachusetts is itching for this change - help us make it happen. 

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