How will this new system be secure?


The changes we are proposing in the voting system will protect the integrity of the vote to the utmost degree. The clear questions about security that arise with this new system are: how can it be ensured that an individual's ballot has been filled out by them, and how can repeat voting be prevented. To address the first of these legitimate concerns, the mail out ballot will have an affidavit where the voter signs, and the signature is compared to their signature on file with the voting commission. If there is an error with the signature, the voting commission will contact the individual and allow them to correct the error demonstrating the ballot is theirs. The second question arises from the ability of a voter to receive a ballot from the voting commission's office directly, therefore making it apparently possible that they would vote on this and then also send in the ballot received at their residence. This is not a concern as once the voting commission receives a ballot with a confirmed affidavit, any other ballot with the same name will not be considered valid. If you have other concerns about the security of this system please contact us and we will be in touch.

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