Why Does Our Voting System Need This Change?

While Massachusetts voters do not face all of the hardships that exist in other states, our system is still one that is fully accessible, especially to those whose voices have been the most marginalized. Many people have strict jobs and busy lives that prevent getting to the polls. We saw this play out in the 2018 elections, as 40% of registered Massachusetts voters did not make it to the voting booth. We need an inclusive system to ensure that politicians represent all of our neighbors, not just those who the current system privileges. A vote by mail system will bring this change.

We have the chance to make sure everyone has a voice in how our country is run. The proposed ballot question offers a system that can give citizens the ability to vote without the existing restrictions of waiting in lines, being late for work, or missing obligations.

With more citizens able to vote, elected officials will be more representative of their constituents and their communities' needs. Enacting this change will benefit every voter and every resident of Massachusetts, as our democracy becomes more democratic, more representative, and more accountable.

This change to a vote by mail system is not a new or ground breaking idea. This exists in other states, and its effect is clear. In Colorado, the percent of voters from demographics with the least voter turnout saw significant increases after the introduction of vote by mail. This is a non-partisan proposal. Both registered Republican and Democratic voter turnout saw a large jump following the change in voting system. You can read the report explaining these findings here. It is time we bring this change to Massachusetts and enable all to vote and vote and vote. 


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