Why is a ballot initiative the most effective way to make this change?


While hard work, filing an initiative petition with the goal of putting our proposal on the 2020 ballot has a few significant benefits for changing the system quickly and fully:

  1. The legislature will have the ability to vote on our proposal after we collect the necessary signatures, making it so that they have the opportunity to show us where they stand, and if in support, they can pass it into law.
  2. If the legislature does not implement our suggested changes, then the ballot measure is the most effective way to quickly push our elected officials to change the voting system. If it passes with a majority, it will be implemented.
  3. An initiative petition and eventual ballot question allow citizens to directly effect their democracy and government.

Other methods to push for the change we need, such as lobbying, are usually slower and the changes implemented are small. Other methods also rely on insider connections and networks, so we believe working to get this on the ballot is a more effective, representative, fast, and feasible means to change our voting system.

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